How to maintain your sanity while working from home with young kids.

I’ve been lucky to stumble my way into a full time career as an entrepreneur. I control my workflow and make my own schedule which means I’m able to be at home with my kids most days. And while this sounds amazing, it came with a steep learning curve for both myself and my kids. [...]

5 things that happen when you work from home.

When I started working for myself almost four years ago I had no idea what I was getting into. The Instagram VS Reality versions of working at home with small children are quite different. I pictured myself sitting in a beautiful home office, sipping my coffee and answering emails while my children peacefully played with [...]

My top 3 must have apps for Instagram

Gone are the days of posting photos on the fly. If you're using Instagram for business then you should be putting a considerable amount of thought into your posting strategy. Instagram is an amazing tool for brands and bloggers, but it is highly competitive, with somewhere around 90 million active monthly users. This means amazing [...]

My winter wardrobe and my new wood watch

A few months back I made the decision to buy better, buy less. I was always a sucker for a good deal, even if I didn't really love the product. This has left me with a closet full of clothing and accessories that I never wore. Time to simplifiy. This winter, I'm focusing my attention on [...]

Mila Grey

​Mila is here!  After a long and confusing labour she finally made her arrival at the end of August. Over 8 pounds of squishy perfection, it's safe to say I'm pretty obsessed with her.   There's a lot of qualities to obsess over but her love of sleep currently tops the list.  I spent the [...]