18 beautiful summers and a whole lot of mom guilt

You've probably seen the quote before ; "You only have 18 beautiful summers with your kids." And it probably felt like a punch to the gut for you too. Like instant anxiety that you're wasting time and not soaking up enough of this precious time you have with your kids. Like you haven't done enough [...]

My Sassy Little Threenager

I try not to complain about Quinns toddler-esk behaviour as I know she's actually a pretty mild mannered kid. She doesn't hit or bite, or throw herself to the floor kicking and screaming like the horror stories I've heard from my friends. She doesn't fit the mould of the troublesome toddler, and for that, I [...]

Things you say when you’re a stay at home mom

Spending your days with young children is a tough job. You spend your time trying to create a fun learning environment for these little people who you love so much, while working very hard to retain a small amount of your sanity as they test your patience with everything they've got. It's a tough balancing [...]

A little while longer 

Lying here in the dark with you.  Your breathing is slowing and your body relaxing as you slip into a deep sleep. You screamed all day.  Your sister threw a dozen tantrums. And I spent the day counting down the minutes,  looking for distractions to keep you both preoccupied until bedtime. Your sister recounts all [...]

3 things I’ve learned raising a 2 year old

So your sweet little baby has just turned two. You've survived countless sleepless nights,  slobber induced teething and changing more diapers than you thought possible. They are now walking, talking and functioning like a real little person. You adore their quirks and look forward to getting to know this little human. Then they learn the [...]

30 Week Update

Current mood : Large and in charge of nothing (particularly my bladder) I've had a relatively easy pregnancy. No puking, no bedrest and I've managed not to kill anyone due to these crazy hormones, but I'm still feeling those "Get this baby out of me" third trimester vibes. The braxton hicks are constant these days [...]