My top 3 must have apps for Instagram

Gone are the days of posting photos on the fly. If you’re using Instagram for business then you should be putting a considerable amount of thought into your posting strategy.

Instagram is an amazing tool for brands and bloggers, but it is highly competitive, with somewhere around 90 million active monthly users. This means amazing potential for reaching new customers, but also a ton of competition. Your photos need to stand out to grab the attention of the scroll happy masses who are passing by your photos.


1 – Snapseed

I could not Instagram without this app. It is hands down my favourite editing app. It allows for quick looks to be added to your image or more detailed editing, using options  such as the selective tool (my favourite). To see how I edit my photos using Snapseed, click here.



2 – Plann

Okay, so I’m new to this one, but so far I LOVE it! I was using a simpler app to plan out my feed and have just upgraded to the paid version of Plann. The app uploads your current Instagram feed and allows you to add in your future posts to organize your feed the way you would like it to appear.



It also tracks your best performing media, best time to post, and best performing hashtags.


Plann offers 4 versions to choose from. I usually start with the basic and upgrade from there. However, that I had used a similar app before and wanted more features, I jumped into the Premium option.


3 – Word Swag

This genius app makes even the most boring wording look stunning! It offers a selection of different fonts, colours, and filters as well as a number of different backgrounds. You can also choose to upload a photo of your own to be used as your background image. While I don’t normally like any wording on my Instagram posts, I love using this app for my Instagram stories as I’m not such a fan of the standard font that is provided. This is by far, the quickest and easiest way to create amazing looking graphics right from your phone.



I know this may seem like a lot of extra work for one simple post, but Instagram can be an amazing tool for entrepreneurs when used correctly.  I strongly suggest using these apps to create a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing feed.

Happy Hustling!


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