How to achieve a minimalist style in your home

If you follow me on instagram then you’re probably aware I have a love (ahem, obsession) for clean, minimalist decor. Clean surfaces, minimal clutter, white furniture.. ahh it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It wasn’t always this way, and I don’t claim to be an expert in the matter now. In fact, it’s a constant work in progress. But since I get a lot of comments and questions on how I achieve this style I thought I would put together a quick post with tips on how to give your home a clean, minimalist vibe.


To start, pick one room. (Master bedroom for example) Start with the closet. Pull everything out and evaluate each item. If it isn’t something you need or use on a regular basis, chuck it/donate it/burn it. Just get rid of it. The exception to this is items that hold sentimental value.. within reason. I have one shoebox in my closet of items from my childhood, photographs, and various sentimental pieces that I keep. I have also started a box for each of my girls containing sonogram pictures, hospital bracelets, ect.



Here’s where my style is considered “boring” by many. Give me all white everything with maybe a few pops of black and grey and I’m a happy camper. If white is too extreme for you, and you crave a little colour, choose soft tones such as blues, greens or tans.


Get Rid Of The Clutter

Furniture should serve a purpose. For example, a dresser is needed to hold clothing. But that random table with photographs and kick knacks covering its surface and boxes piled underneath it should go. If you can’t throw out what’s there and don’t need to use it on a regular basis then box it up and store it somewhere out of sight.

Quality Over Quantity

When you’re purchasing new items for your home, choose pieces you LOVE! Items that you need to have in the room, not just something to fill a spot. This grey wood framed loft mirror in my bedroom that you instagrammers probably see far too often on my feed is one of those items I love. It serves a purpose, has clean lines, and is a neutral colour. (Shout-out to my hubs who picked it out) The only “unnecessary” item I added to the space is the faux fur throw at the base of it. But it’s white, so it works.


Like I said, my minimalist style is still a work in progress. I continue to make small changes to my home as I go and encourage you to try it out as well. Good luck and happy cleaning 🙂








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