My Favourite Swaddles

I never gave swaddle blankets much thought with Quinn since she hated being wrapped up. She was like a little Houdini and broke her way out of them everytime I tried. Plus she never slept anyways, but that was a whole other issue. Mila on the other hand loved being swaddled as a newborn. It calmed her down instantly and was the only way I could get her to nap in her crib. Needless to say, every room was stocked with swaddles. Below are a few of my favourite blanket shops.


Copper Pearl

These swaddles are crazy soft! They feel like a cloud made of kittens. If they came in my size, I would probably wrap myself up in one. They’re also super stretchy and are perfect for creating a tight swaddle. You can find these snuggly blankets here img_20160904_141219


Hush Little Bebe Designs

I’m obsessed with this whole shop! Owner and designer, Lindsay, creates the most gorgeous quilts you’ve ever seen, and she recently added super cozy, knit swaddles. These swaddles are extra long and are perfect for wrapping up older babies. You can find this cozy swaddle here



Flamingo Baby Organics

Made from a lightweight organic cotton and bamboo blend, these printed swaddles are lightweight, breathable and protect your baby from overheating. Not to mention they have the cutest designs. You can find these adorable printed swaddles here






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