3 things I’ve learned raising a 2 year old

So your sweet little baby has just turned two. You’ve survived countless sleepless nights,  slobber induced teething and changing more diapers than you thought possible. They are now walking, talking and functioning like a real little person. You adore their quirks and look forward to getting to know this little human.

Then they learn the word “no.” Discover that crayons also colour on walls. Chairs can be moved around the house to reach forbidden objects. And that if they lie down in the grocery store aisle, there isn’t actully a lot you can do because you’re also carrying the baby and a bag full of groceries.

In the few short months I’ve spent raising a two year old I’ve learnt a few things…

1 – Pick your battles.  

Today Quinn took her shoes off outside (it’s November, in Canada)  and ran around the yard in her socks. Her toes were probably freezing. But nope,  I don’t care . I’m sure she’ll let me know before the hypothermia kicks in.

2 – The television CAN babysit! 

Find that one magic cartoon that gets their undivided attention and put it on when you need a few moments of sanity. Then do something for yourself such as eat sitting down or use the bathroom alone.

3 – Surprise,  surprise… Wine! 

Find a cheap, tasty wine and stock up. Apparently the horrible 3s are worse.


And good luck.

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