Mila Grey

​Mila is here!  After a long and confusing labour she finally made her arrival at the end of August. Over 8 pounds of squishy perfection, it’s safe to say I’m pretty obsessed with her.  

There’s a lot of qualities to obsess over but her love of sleep currently tops the list.  I spent the first few weeks googling “should my baby sleep this much,?”  and ya,  apparently she should!

With Milas arrival came Quinn’s latest sleep regression. Getting her to bed each night took endless book reading, constant back rubbing, about 37 stuffed animals and occasionally, a slumber party with dad.  

We’re now a month into this craziness that is raising a sassy two year old, a cuddle hungry newborn and a busy home business and I’m pleased to say, we all still have our sanity in tact… For now. 

Headband : Hello Cedar Co

Swaddle : Copper Pearl

Moody Romper : Morgan and Mae Co

Striped Romper : Quinn and Dot

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