So much nakedness

It all started about 2 weeks ago..

After the most exhausting weekend of my life, and finishing up a stretch of sleepless nights working late, I settled into bed early (10:30) to relax and catch up on my pinterest addiction. PJs on? Check! Snacks within arms reach? Check! A quick glance at the monitor.. wait, is that a bum? There it was, a bare baby bottom pointed right at the camera.

This was the start of our ongoing battle to keep a diaper on her. After trying multiple types of PJs, I found the only ones I can keep her in (they require a zipper AND snap that she can’t see) and the midnight bedwetting has stopped. But now we have a whole new issue. Her training potty is really cool, and she loves sitting on it, but never actually uses it. Instead she waits until I’ve given up, put a clean diaper on her then runs into the other room to hide, strip down and poop on my kitchen floor.

So this is where we’re at, no solution yet. Just baby nighttime straight jackets and pooping in the kitchen. Mama needs a pinot.


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